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TRX: PR strategy convinces Japan to work out, Navy SEAL-style

The story:
TRX Training provides professional athletes, military, and fitness pros around the world with a total-body training tool. It all started with former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick. During his travels on the road, he was finding it difficult to keep in peak training condition. His solution was found in hanging an old jiu-jitsu belt over a doorknob: something that he worked into an exercise regime, and the beginning of TRX Training.

In January 2012, TRX came to us for help with PR, and in organizing the launch event for their Japan operation, TRX Training Japan. TRX is a strong brand with an inspiring and personal story behind it, a background that is very important to emphasize. The man behind it all, founder and inventor Randy Hetrick, came to Japan for the launch.

We invited the sports press, as well as trainers, gym owners and managers to an event where Mr. Hetrick demonstrated the TRX product and philosophy. The workout demonstration ended with a reception party where participants had a good opportunity to learn more about the brand and the legend behind it.

One year later, TRX has been covered by more than 40 Japanese news and lifestyle media organizations, in print and TV. And TRX Training is now very much at home and part of the training program of gyms all over Japan.