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What we do

Over the course of some 20 years, we have seen (almost) everything. Our clients come from many different countries, representing many different industries—from pharmaceutical to manufacturing, services to retail.

Here are a few of the things keeping us busy today. Please take a look.

Anoto Consortium: Social media campaign

This Swedish digital pen technology is designed for B2B customers: public institutions, hospitals, banks, and schools.

Arla: Eleven brands into one, thanks to a great story

Danish-Swedish Arla Foods is one of the world's largest producers of cream cheese, which is sold under the BUKO name.

AutoForm: Yes, you can be both fast and accurate

The Swiss company AutoForm provides software solutions for sheet metal forming; it is one of the world's leading companies in this industry.

BJB: Managing the LED revolution

Family-owned BJB of Germany is a world leader in lamp sockets—and currently finds itself in the middle of the second revolution in its long history.
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Boeing: Telling the Japanese story

In 2014, Next Inc. was invited to pitch for the Boeing PR account in Japan, which includes both commercial airplanes and defense products.
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IKEA: Global content, local audience

Next has been producing IKEA’s Japanese customer magazine live since 2007. The master version is produced in London, but localization—and communication—is much more than just translation.
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SCCJ: Moving with the Internet times

Next built the first website for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SCCJ) around 15 years ago—a simple, static html site, as was the norm in those days. It’s much different today.

Tena: How to talk to a Japanese nurse

Through its brand Tena, Swedish company SCA manufactures and sells the world's most sophisticated incontinence products.

TRX: PR strategy convinces Japan to work out, Navy SEAL-style

TRX Training gives professional athletes, military, and fitness pros around the world a total-body training tool. It all started with the Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick.

UD Trucks: Reaching a global audience

UD Trucks (until January 2010 known as Nissan Diesel) is one of Japan's four largest truck manufacturers. A new identity and name meant the need for some strong communications activities.