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Anoto Consortium: Social media campaign

The story:

This Swedish digital pen technology is for B2B customers such as hospitals, banks, and schools. Anoto Consortium wanted to increase the awareness of their products and solutions here in Japan. After winning them over with our pitch, this is what we did:

We began by renewing their website, updating it with a more modern design and replacing the system behind the website with one that would be more user friendly for Anoto. The content on the website was rewritten for search engine optimization.

The goal of this project was to spread awareness and understanding of Anoto technology to potential customers. Our way to do this was through the use of social media, a cost effective way to reach a broad audience.

One common misconception is that you can't reach B2B customers through social media—but we disagree. Any business is made up of real people, and real people can be reached through social media.

We limited the choice of social media to two of the largest platforms, Facebook and Twitter. For the social media campaign, we called on famous Japanese rakugo (Japanese storytelling) performer Sanyutei Koyuza and Japan-based Swedish actress and model Camilla to use the Anoto pen. We also hosted a discussion with them that was the basis for special content for the website. Anoto Consortium's followers had the chance to win illustrations and texts, both original and digital, by applying through Facebook or Twitter.

Over the three-week campaign period, Anoto Consortium's website received eight to 10 times as many visitors than previously.